8 of Our Favorite Halloween Costumes for Fido. Number 4 Is Adorable!

Halloween is a fantastic holiday filled with fun costumes, yummy treats, and plenty of scares. We humans like to have a good time on this October night, so why not bring your pooch into the festivities, too? Here are some cool, cute, and spooky costumes you can find at the Animal Rescue Site, the proceeds of which provide food for pets in need.

But first, a forewarning: make sure your pet is okay with being dressed up. That is, if they look unhappy, uncomfortable, or embarrassed when wearing a costume, be sure to take it off right away. And always, always supervise your pet when s/he is in a costume! In doing that, you’ll ensure that everyone in your family can have a safe, fun Halloween.

8. An adorable creepy crawly?


With their spooky, gangly silhouettes, spiders are an iconic element of Halloween, along with ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and candy corn. This tarantula costume is equal parts cute and creepy, perfect for making visitors giggle and squeal.

Of course, who can forget the antics of last year’s Mutant Giant Spider Dog?

7. Gotham has never been cuter.


Furry companion by day. Batdog by night. Fights crime by barking at intruders. Warms hearts with cuddles. For the special Batdog in your life, this costume is a fun addition to the Halloween celebration.

6. Da da…da da…da da dadaDADADADADADADADADADA!


Sharks are cool. That’s indisputable. They aren’t usually at the top of our “cute list,” though. But when you add four paws and furry tails to the underwater elements, sharks can make the top ten! This costume will allow your dog to “terrorize” the neighborhood with love and kisses.

5. For those who prefer not to dress up…


Okay, let’s face it: some dogs simply cannot handle costumes. My Cairn Terror—uh…I mean Cairn Terrier—would have been one of them. In times when that’s the case, a bandana can add a dash of festive flair while keeping pets more comfortable.

These next few costumes are both silly and cute!

A. Stout is a Whovian, Potterhead, study abroad alumna, and animal lover. A native to West Michigan, she dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world.
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