Puppy Love: The Positive Health Benefits Of Gazing Into Your Dog’s Eyes

Gazing into your dog’s eyes helps you communicate, and it also has a host of health benefits that can improve your quality of life. Studies show that locking eyes with your pooch causes an increase in the hormone oxytocin, which is also commonly known as the “feel good” hormone. It’s responsible for mothers bonding with their children, closeness and intimacy between lovers, and the distinct bond enjoyed between a dog and his owner.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Looking deeply into Fido’s eyes gives you a boost of cortisol-lowering oxytocin. As a result, you can enjoy improved cardiac health. Cortisol is a nasty hormone that can cause increased blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol levels, according to Psychology Today.

Immune System Improvements

In addition to protecting your ticker and having higher levels of oxytocin, CNN reports that reducing the cortisol levels in your body actually revs up your immune system. Cortisol works to suppress your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illnesses.

Boosted Memory

A study published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed a significant role between oxytocin levels and strong emotional memories. Participants in the study had significantly intensified memories compared to those not given the hormone, as reported by Live Science.

Tighter Social Connections

Live Science also reports the findings of a study showing the connection between boosted oxytocin levels and a greater ability to interact with other people. The study exposed people with autism, who generally have difficulties in social relationships, to oxytocin. The feel-good hormone allowed the participants to interact easier and with less fear.

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