A Sick Puppy Needs Some Love, So His Little Kitty Caretaker Helps Out!


Stories of canine and cat friendships are not particularly prevalent on the Animal Rescue Site, but we do find a few every once in a while.

This video finds cute kitty Winston taking care of her recovering puppy Zeke, who just returned from the vet. After playing in the tall grass and winding up with hives, Zeke was rushed to the doctor where they gave him steroid and Benadryl shots.

The once perky puppy has lost a little bit of his puppy pep, but there’s no doubt he was glad to come home.

And understanding that his buddy was not feeling great, Winston took it upon himself to give Zeke some cuddles and clean him up a bit.

Zeke certainly doesn’t seem to mind…but perhaps he’s a little groggier than most. Get well soon, pup. Your furry friend will be waiting for you to play when you do!

Check out the cuteness below!

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