Got a Cat? Then You’ve Probably Done These 10 Things


Cole and Marmalade are back to remind us that we adore our feline furbabies so very much. This list is so accurate and hilarious! How many of these things have you done? My cat’s new favorite thing to do is share my sushi! She loves salmon skin rolls and goes cat-crazy whenever she smells it. I’ll have to take a picture of her eating from my chopsticks and frame it. A big 16×20 for my wall! Purrrr-fect!

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Cole & MarmaladeCole & Marmalade are amazing cats! Both rescues, now they spend their days basking in the warm light of fame on YouTube, where their videos amuse and inform people around the world. You can see more of their amazing and hilarious work on their YouTube channel, or visit them on Facebook!

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