Hold Your Cat Close This Valentine’s Day, And Be Thankful There’s No Card


Pet lovers already know cats make the best Valentines – sometimes, even more so than people. Cats don’t require candlelight dinners, fancy chocolates, or a thoughtful card. And Fluffy couldn’t care less what you’re wearing.

But how might your cat react if he or she knew Feb. 14 wasn’t just another day? Would you wake to a field mouse thoughtfully placed beside your pillow, or find catnip artfully folded into your chocolate soufflé? Would this famously aloof creature even care?

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

Most cat lovers with an internet connection are already aware of The Purrminator, the pleather-collar-clad feline with his own sunglasses prominently featured in the CATastrophes YouTube channel. Viewers watched the cat talk his way through holiday dinner and explore his first encounter with Santa. Now the Purrminator is trying his best to shower his human with the appropriate levels of Valentine’s Day affection, though all of his well-intended gestures – from a plastic medical heart to a carnival-sized bear to a heartfelt poem – fall flat.

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

Watch the video to witness the Purrminator’s hilarious efforts to understand America’s enduring day of love. Then give your feline friend a hug, and be glad you don’t have to suffer any actual presents! (Snuggles, of course, are always welcome.)

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