Look Who Jumped Into This Man’s Car As He Was Waiting For His Tacos


Have you tried the crunch wrap supreme at Taco Bell? They’re pretty good. The free cat isn’t bad either.

But this deal is only at participating locations.

Along with his tacos, a man in Sylvester, Georgia, Reddit user Acr0b4tics, was obliged to return home with a furry new friend after his visit south of the border. While making his order, an orange and white cat jumped in his car.

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics Just your average taco cat.

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics
Just your average taco cat.

Of course, he was surprised, Love Meow reports, but he couldn’t help but wonder if the cat needed any help.

“Taco Bell staff did not know who he belonged to,” the man posted to Reddit.

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics The taco cat has been named

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics
The taco cat has been named “Jose.”

With little other choice left, the man took the cat to the veterinarian and learned he may have been simply looking for a home when he hopped in next to the man’s chalupas.

“The vet confirmed that he isn’t microchipped,” the man wrote. “[He] has not been reported missing at local shelters.”

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics A purrito.

Source: Reddit/Acr0b4tics
A purrito.

The picante pair have since made it official, as Acr0b4tics adopted his new friend and named him Jose.

“People abandon healthy pets all the time here. Considering the town I found him in (not where I live) has a very low per capita income, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was left, part of an unwanted litter, or just stray all together,” the man wrote. “I’ll do my best to make sure he gets back to his owner if he has one. If not, I’ll be happy to take him.”

Jose has a much brighter future ahead of him with the help of this compassionate cat lover. Perhaps a few tacos, too. Sadly, the reality of life for shelter pets is much less lovely. Millions of shelter animals face uneasiness and anxiety every day, waiting for the right forever family to come along.

And now there’s a way you can help.

Show your own pet how much you care, and lend some crucial support to shelters across the country, just by clicking the button below!


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