Stuck Skunk Meets His Superhero

A Canadian man has impressed countless people with his courageous act that has YouTubers hailing his bravery. While going about his day, this extraordinary hero came across a skunk with a Coke can stuck to his head. As he calls the skunk “buddy” and tries to calm him repeatedly, he carefully approaches him, while praying he doesn’t get sprayed. He gently, and carefully, pulls the can off of its victim. WHOA! This video had me at the edge of my seat!

Facing potential skunk fumes did not stop this rescue. The man’s gentle act of kindness is one for the books! Would you be this brave? Would you risk what some may consider the smell of death to help an animal out? Many people would NOT be up to this challenge. That is why this hero deserves a round of applause! Thank you, brave man!

If you liked this rescue, you will LOVE the story about Mervin, the rescued chihuahua. He doesn’t have any teeth, yet his human makes sure each day he’s dressed to impress. Just because a dog has had a “ruff” journey, doesn’t mean he has to lose his sense of style! Click here to meet Mervin and see why it’s stories like these that make me LOVE my job!

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