Cuteness Warning: Tiny Hungry Rescue Kitty May Turn Your Insides To Goo


This tiny and very hungry rescue kitten, named Sierra, is about to make your entire body melt from the inside out. She, along with her siblings, were rescued from a shelter so they could receive around the clock care. Sierra wasn’t doing so well. She was very small and kept crying no matter what was done for her. She also had a noticeable head tilt.

Best Friends Animal Society took Sierra in and made her recovery a top priority. As seen in the video, she needed extra gentle (but persistent) bottle feeding so she could put on weight. Her tiny face and little paws would make even the blackest hearts smile and swell!

Sierra began to heal and was soon well enough to go into foster care. She’s waiting for her forever home and I’m sure she will find one soon! How could anyone resist that purrfect face?! I know I can’t!

Watch this precious baby below, but be warned, you may experience cuteness overload!

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