Uh ohhhh Someone is in for a surprise!


If you have a sibling, you understand. You understand the joys of having someone to go through life with, dealing with parents, going through milestones together, but you also know the other side of it. The terrible annoyance when you want peace and quiet. Having your things ruined or lost. You understand the phrase “sibling rivalry” all too well. Sadly, sibling rivalry isn’t exclusive to humans. Animals can have just as annoying of siblings, and if you’ve ever had multiple animals, you’ve most likely seen it.

The most common source of contention between pets? Who gets what toy. These two siblings show the perfect older/young dynamic. The older one wants to just relax in his room, taking a load off after a long day of napping in windows. Unfortunately, his younger brother has other ideas. And, just like all sibling squabbles, the older sibling finally shows the upstart who’s boss!

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