A Look At The Last Of The Surviving Scottish Wildcats


Great Britain is close to losing one of the most beautiful mammals in the animal kingdom and this decline is going unnoticed by many.

The Scottish Wildcat is nearly extinct with numbers dropping to as low as roughly 400 in total. The species is so elusive, it is hard to get an exact number, but scientists are sure of one thing: they are nearly gone!

This documentary takes a look at how this is happening and why. The constant infiltration of domesticated cats, within the species, is diluting the species itself.

It seems some think that the only way to prevent this is to isolate the wildcats, thus protecting them from co-mingling and procreating.

It’s an interesting perspective as the “ownership” of house cats continues to rise. We don’t own cats, they own us, by the way!

To learn more about this interesting film and order the DVD, go to this website.

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