This Very Special Dog Keeps Her Human from Chasing Cars


When the Tingum family learned that one of their 19-month-old twin boys, Garrett, had severe autism, they were more than concerned for his well-being.

When Garrett grew older, he started wandering into the street and entering other people’s cars and homes, putting himself in danger and making it difficult for him and his family to freely and safely leave the house.

Luckily for families like the Tingums, service dogs can be very helpful at keeping kids like Garrett safe.

Source: YouTube/The Pet Collective Cares

Source: YouTube/The Pet Collective Cares

So when Garrett’s parents came across Tender Loving Canines and through them met Ruby, a golden retriever service dog, they knew they had found the perfect match for young Garrett!

Today, Garrett is hooked up to her on a regular basis. Ruby is even being trained to find him if he ever wanders off and gets lost! Isn’t that amazing?

See their inspiring story in this video!

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