National Feed a Rescue Pet Week

He Didn’t Deserve This, But We Can Turn His Life Around!

70172Meet Rootbeer. He’s an 7-year-old beagle, and he’s been in pain for a long time.

It didn’t take volunteers at the Parma Animal Shelter long to notice that despite his lively spirit, Rootbeer was walking with a severe limp.

An exam from the vet revealed that Rootbeer has not one, not two, but three very painful knee injuries: two luxating patellas, a complete cruciate tear, and a partial cruciate tear. Worst of all, vets determined the injuries to be at least six months old, meaning poor Rootbeer has been in constant pain for quite a long time.

Without surgery, Rootbeer will continue to suffer. But his shelter can’t afford to provide the expensive procedures he needs.

His loving, energetic spirit make him an ideal companion (especially for kids!), but he won’t find the forever home he deserves until he’s in adoptable shape!

UPDATE: Thanks to your donations, Arizona Beagle Rescue was able to front the full cost of Rootbeer’s surgeries! Because of you, Rootbeer will soon be healthy, pain-free and ready to find his forever home!

But our work isn’t over! Other abandoned animals are in bad shape and in need of immediate medical care.

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