Even Those Who Don’t Like Pickles Will Love This One!

For aging pet owners, the future can be a source of anxiety. “What happens to my pet if I need to go to a home?” they may wonder. But if their pet is anything like Mr. Pickles the cat, they may not need to worry; the pet might be able to move in as a resident, too!


Mr. Pickles is a tabby cat who one day ventured into the property of Bayview Retirement Community in Seattle, Washington. Out of warm-heartedness, residents tossed him bits of food. Maybe that’s why he returned. Or maybe it was because his owner was gone all the time for medical reasons, and he needed some company.


Whatever the case, Mr. Pickles came and went for quite a while before his owner finally walked through the doors. He told the retirement community he was moving and offered to let them have his cat. Bayview happily agreed.

Mr Pickles Final

The feline has been a furry resident ever since. He spends his days sleeping beside a resident, keeping residents company, and allowing residents to scratch his chin with their canes.


He’s adored by just about everyone. In fact, those who refuse to talk to other people will happily interact with him!


Watch this video to learn more about Mr. Pickles, his stunning intelligence, his charm, and his role in the retirement community.

Source: The uplifting story of Mr. Pickles by charityUSA on Rumble

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