I Can’t Believe Someone Did This to Such a Cute Puppy!


“How could anyone do something like that to an innocent animal?” That’s the question that arises from a recent occurrence in Rondon, Brazil. A puppy was found at the bottom of a ravine in a plastic bag. The bag had been tied up, and the dog was sitting in its own body waste. If that weren’t bad enough, the ravine was a place where people typically tossed garbage and animal carcasses.

Is your faith in humanity now destroyed? Well, don’t worry; that was the worst part of the story. It gets so much better from here on out.

Things turned around when a caring, animal-loving soul spotted him. Unable to rescue him herself, she turned to the Facebook followers of a Brazilian animal rescue organization, Noah’s Ark.

“He was thrown in a ravine inside a plastic bag,” she announced. “It’s a place that’s difficult to access. I can’t save his life. Can anyone help me?”

In under a half hour, fellow animal lovers responded—not just to the post, but to the situation. Two women working at a nearby medical center clambered into the ravine and rescued the bagged puppy. Considering all that the poor thing had been through, it’s quite a relief that he was in good health. Even better, the sweetie pie was adopted an hour afterward.

Which just comes to show that, while people are capable of incredible cruelty, they’re also capable of incredible compassion and goodness.

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A. Stout is a Whovian, Potterhead, study abroad alumna, and animal lover. A native to West Michigan, she dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world.