Dog of the Day

As a Newborn, This Pup Couldn’t Keep Up With His Litter and Was Left Behind — Read Puca’s Incredible Rescue Story!


It wasn’t my intention to get a dog — in fact it was the last thing on my mind. I was taking care of a mother with Alzheimer’s and working full time-plus. But on Good Friday 2011, we came home from shopping to see a neighborhood dog that no one had claimed going under our utility building. I peeked under there to discover she was having puppies, ten total. I ran back to town and got the mother dog some food right then and there. I really only had the vaguest notion of what I would do, try to find the puppies good homes, probably.

Five days later we had some terrible storms. When I came home I discovered that the mother dog had taken off with 9 of her puppies — I never could find them. But she left this one.

I had no idea how to bottle-feed an animal, so I watched some YouTube videos to get an idea. Despite barely knowing what to do, we got through it. I named him Puca, and often call him my “laughing dog.” I saved him, but in the end, as things got harder with mom, he saved me too.

New Albany, MS


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