A Starving Wild Otter Asks A Human For Help. They Are Now Best Friends!

Winter in Finland can be harsh — not only on humans but for the wildlife. Back in 2011, a wild sea otter was having a very difficult time finding food to survive through the winter. Poor fella 🙁 In desperation, the wild otter decided to take a chance on a human to see if he had any leftover snacks. The man, named Seppo Laamanen, gave the malnourished otter some worms and fish… as well as a new name: Livari! Livari came and went as he pleased but he knew one thing was for sure — his buddy, Seppo, always had his back and will feed him if he needed it. We must remember that this is a wild animal, what Seppo did for this starving otter is admirable but always be cautious when it comes to feeding unfamiliar animals.

That said, the two are now best friends. Isn’t their bond otterly perfect? I think so too!

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