This Heroic Rescue Footage Of A Drowning Koala Just Restored My Faith In Humanity


Nothing makes me happier than seeing an animal rescued. ALL animals deserve to be safe and out of harm’s way. Of course, accidents happen. Isn’t great to know that there are so many of us out there that are willing to work tirelessly to ensure that animals get a fair shot at living a good life?

Take these fine gentleman for instance… I am sure they didn’t plan on rescuing a drowning koala, struggling to swim to shore. But hey, they saw an animal in need and they acted on it. They didn’t hesitate, even though they could have been scratched, or worse. Because waiting for help wasn’t really an option, it would have been too late.

Now, this sweet koala has his whole life ahead of him. Kinda makes you want to jump through the screen and give these Aussies a giant hug of appreciation, right? ME TOO!

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