Vicious Pit Bull Plays With Docile Kitten. Wait, I Mean Docile Pit Bull Plays With Vicious Kitten LOL!


Everyone knows pit bulls are totally scary. Can you even IMAGINE how scary it must be when a tiny kitten meets one? It would be terrifying! No kitten could handle being so close to a big, ferocious dog. When this video came across my desk, it seemed like a scary video. What would happen? Thankfully, it turned out for the best, but talk about a nail biter!

This Pit Bull is so gentle with the new kitten. I want to broadcast this on every single news station so people will see that it is NOT the entire breed that is a problem. Just look at his docile sweetness, gentle play, submissive “air” nibbles. Adorable, right? There is no question he is having just as much, if not more, fun than his kitty friend! He let’s his new kitten friend win the battle and while doing so, he wins my heart!

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