These Naughty Dogs Are Trying To Hide Their Guilt!

Dogs are our best friends, but sometimes their curiosity can cause big messes. Dog lovers know better than to leave shoes where teething puppies can find. However, dogs manage to find things you didn’t even think about. Here are some dogs that were so naughty that they’re trying to cover up that fact by being as cute as possible.

Who Me?

This sweet little canine is the picture of innocence until the camera pans the room.

You Were Just Going to Throw It Out

This pup had a great time exploring the depths of trash can for scraps. Of course, his accomplice can’t deny his involvement with the trash can lid around his head.

She Needed a Bath

This brave pup takes his life into his own hands as he pushes his feline buddy into a bathtub.

I’ll Just Hide Here

This adorable dog knows he’s in trouble so he’s getting a head start on being humble.

But I’m So Cute!

This cute pup tries to show off how cute he is in hopes that the destroyed pillow escapes his human’s mind.

Act Cool

This dog thinks if he plays it cool his owner won’t notice the dog treats sticking out of his mouth.

Let Me Get That for You

In his haste to help, this dog managed to make a mess and spill stuff all over the kitchen floor.

He Wanted to Go for a Swim

Here’s one for feline lovers. This feline helps her canine buddy into the pool for a dip. Because cats.

So when your best friend makes a mess around the house, don’t despair. Remember that you’re not the only pet parent “enjoying” the curious nature of their dog.

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