I Couldn’t Stop Laughing During This Video! How Adorable Is This Dog?!

Doing a happy dance every time you get fed isn’t necessary, but it sure is cute!

Sparky is all too happy to show his appreciation for each and every kibble! The second he sees the cup in his owner’s hand, his paws start dancing on the floor. His toenails stutter against the floor as he hops and slides around the little rug holding his food bowl, before diving toward each piece of kibble. Half the time, it seems like he is so busy moving he couldn’t possibly actually eat at the same time, but he can!

I love food as much as the next person (well, probably more than the next person) but this dog’s enthusiasm is hard to top!

Watch as this feisty corgi enjoys every second of his meal, from spying the first scoop to eating the last kibble! (For more adorable doggy antics, check out how excited this pooch is for bed in our post here!)

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