Cole And Marmalade Are Having The Time Of Their (NINE) Lives!


What better way to celebrate International Cat Day than to get spoiled rotten! Cole and Marmalade know where the fun is at and they never want to stop. It’s a constant party at their house and nothing makes me smile more than to see two happy cats having the time of their nine lives! Would you like to join in on the festivities? Good, because you are invited!

August 8th is International Cat Day but I kinda think every day is cat day. Don’t you? I mean, really. When do we not want to spoil our feline furbabies? UM, NEVER! When are we not grateful for their existence? Never. When are we not waking up at the crack of dawn to a paw in the face and the cutest little “meow” because of hunger and still totally fine with it? When have we not accepted their skilled “timing” when they sit in front of the T.V. ONLY when we are trying watching it? Or stick their paws beneath the doors when we are using the bathroom? Or plop, literally PLOP, on our laptop when we have a deadline. Or… Geez, okay, you get it but seriously. We love our cats even when they are total stinkers. So, like I said, every single day is International Cat Day, ok? YUP (just nod your head puh-lease!)

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Cole & MarmaladeCole & Marmalade are amazing cats! Both rescues, now they spend their days basking in the warm light of fame on YouTube, where their videos amuse and inform people around the world. You can see more of their amazing and hilarious work on their YouTube channel, or visit them on Facebook!

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