She Beat Cancer And Now She’s Paying It Forward – Molly The Dog Is An Amazing Animal!


When Molly was just a young pup, her original owners didn’t treat her very well. They overfed her with food she was allergic to, which led to serious medical problems.

Molly’s owners didn’t know how to handle all of Molly’s issues, so they gave her up to Southern California Labrador Rescue and rescuers there were able to nurture Molly back to health.

However, just when she had fully recovered, one of her caretakers found a lump on her neck — it was cancer.


But now, after getting the surgery that helped her beat her own cancer into remission, Molly is a service dog for her cancer-ridden human counterparts — and one of the most adorable inspirations you could dream of!

See her incredible story in the video below.

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