A Local Man Feeds The Birds Every Morning At 8 AM. Watch What Happens When He’s A Little Late!

During the winter months in this community, the local bird population simply doesn’t get enough food. In an effort to help them out, a man named Jitesh Parmar decided to help supplement their diets so they didn’t starve. Every morning at 8 AM, he would go down to the lake with a big bucket of bird feed to give to his feathered friends. This particular morning, he was a little late coming down, so the birds were waiting for him — a bit impatiently if you ask me — and came up to greet him! It was so adorable, almost like watching him getting picked up for a date! Watch as the oncoming traffic takes a break to patiently wait for all the birds to cross the street safely without having to worry about an accident. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! It is just downright adorable.

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