Every Cat Lover Can Relate To This! Life Before Vs. After Getting A Cat.


Do you remember what life was like before having a cat? Other than dark, cold, lonely, and scary. It seems like it had to be the worst thing ever, but it wasn’t ALL bad. You were spending less money on lint rollers, you could be more cavalier with where you left glasses of liquid, and you had a better chance of your alarm waking you up as opposed to a swooshing tail.

Life really is different when you adopt a cat. At first it can be a tough transition. You can no longer call your lap your own. Stray cords can’t keep dangling off of your desk. And, most importantly, you’d better be ready to learn how to pet them like a pro (they’ll show you, don’t worry). It might sound like a lot of work, but in the end, you’ll realize how much you needed your cat in your life. It’s just the transition that’s a bit rough!

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