Stray Dog Saves Oklahoma City Girl’s Life In Split Second Action


For several weeks, Angel, a homeless Border Collie, hung around a neighborhood in Oklahoma City. No one knew where he was from, or who had let him go, but his purpose became clear in an instant of action.

As a pair of young girls were playing outside, Angel had sat and watched in the distance. The girls neared the street, and Angel came closer. As witness Charlie Saxton relayed, one of the girls fell into the road in front of an oncoming truck, Angel ran to save her life, and succeeded.

Charlie Saxton

Charlie Saxton

Angel is walking with a slight limp after the fearless rescue, but his leg is on the mend, as are the children.

Now in the care of an Oklahoma City shelter, Angel will soon be up for adoption.

Maybe he knew exactly why he was in town all along. Was it fate? You be the judge!

Watch this!

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